Welcome to iCare Counseling Network

Over the past 25 years, Christian counseling has emerged as a proven tool dedicated to helping people change, develop and meet personal and ministry goals while building motivation, and capacity for further development.


This Network is constituted of health professionals, Christian leaders, Pastors, and Sunday School teachers from the South Asian Christian Community in North America. iCare is a joint initiative of Parivar International (Chicago) and Agape Partners International (Boston) to bring together Christian counselors, Youth leaders, Pastors etc of South Asian background to learn, connect, serve and address the challenges facing the community and to develop a nationwide network of counselors to strategically impact the community for Kingdom advancement.

Following the success of the initial consultation held in Chicago in 2008, it was decided that iCare be held once every two years in various cities of the USA. Subsequently, the 2010 consultation was held in Queens, New York at the prestigious St. John's University in July.

Events and Sponsors